Which is Better? Memory foam or latex mattress?


Once the big question was, “Is it better a spring or latex mattress?” The answer, in that case, was quite obvious, better in latex, provided it is 100% original. Today the demand has changed and more and more people are wondering if it is better than in latex or the most modern ones in memory foam. It must be said immediately that if both mattresses are made with the best materials they are both excellent. The difference between the two makes it the various characteristics that distinguish them.

In this brief guide, we will try to direct you towards what will be the most ideal choice and that best suits your needs. The first thing to be sure before buying a latex mattress or an in-memory mattress is that they are made from 100% original materials. Latex must be 100% natural latex. Even the memory must be made completely viscoelastic, otherwise, we may find ourselves with a partially or totally polyurethane mattress.

Be wary of imitations:

If the mattress has struck you for its incredibly low price, it means that something is wrong. Both mattresses are therefore valid if they are made in a workmanlike manner. The differences are based on your personal needs. Let’s take an example, there are people who move continuously during the night and change their position very often, this is due to the needs of their body, it does not depend on other factors, in this case, it would be preferable to use a latex mattress rather than a memory foam mattress.

This is because latex facilitates movements as it has a greater ability to “return”. On the contrary, if a person moves a little during the night, a memory mattress is preferable that offers a greater “hug” feeling during sleep. If you suffer from scoliosis, cervical problems, posture problems the mattress that is more appropriate for you is the memory foam one, as it has orthopedic features. Rest your joints naturally and promote blood circulation.

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Let us entrust ourselves to serious studies:

Recent studies have shown that those who have problems with the spine can overcome them not with a hard plan, but one that is able to adapt to the body.